MSP’s, Administrators and network managers have a constant concern for breaches by unauthorized users with bad intent. The most cautious users can fall victim to phishing that makes a site and its contents vulnerable. With Authen Digital installed, and access granted only to registered user devices, an administrator’s concern for the billions of devices in the world goes away. A hacker, in possession of a user’s credentials, is unable to access an Authen Digital protected site. (check out our demo).

This is also important from a general site management perspective. Since Authen Digital is typically installed as the final step of verification if other MFA is installed, configuring an alert indicating an attempted intrusion is meaningful and important to the SIEM world. It should not be viewed like other MFA failures such as wrong passwords, typos, session time-outs, etc. An Authen Digital alert is confirmation that an unregistered device is being used and is concrete proof of an issue that should be dealt with.

There are many instances where vendor accounts have been breached, enabling hackers to obtain credentials to a vendor customer’s site (where orders, invoicing and payments are transacted) and create large problems. 

An alert by Authen Digital is not just “noise”! 

How does it work?

The Authen Digital patented technology initially involves scanning, encrypting and storing physical characteristics of the users’ devices in the Authen Digital cloud-based vault. At each log in, the users’ devices are re-scanned, to either grant or deny access with no involvement by the users themselves- either at initial log in or subsequent elevations.

Who manages it?

The MSP, local site administrator or network manager manages the site. A simple admin app is provided but developers can customize admin solutions with our tools. Authen Digital personnel are not involved- yet available to assist with questions.

Is it scalable?

Authen Digital is affordably scalable for small to large user groups. However, if a developer wishes to provide a MFA solution for a single user, perhaps only the developer, it can be utilized in that way. There are no costs beyond the annual user license fees.

Has it been tested?

Yes, the patented technology has been successfully penetration tested at a very high level. Check it out with our demo.

How affordable is it?

The only cost to a MSP or developer for a basic Authen Digital installation is $29.00 per user per year with no maintenance or installation fees. Volume discounts are available for re-sellers, MSP integrators or large user groups.


For a more in-depth understanding, we recommend opening a developer account. You will find a simple demo test of the technology, the Authen Digital and Admin SDK’s.

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