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Block phishing, credential sharing and stolen passwords — in all your apps.

Without SMS, Tokens or Codes. 

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Comprehensive 2FA Access Protection — touch-free

Authen Digital® patented technology identifies and stores an encrypted representation of a user’s device in the cloud when a user’s device is registered, whitelisting the devices. At each login thereafter the user’s device is again identified to grant access or the attempt is denied if the device is not registered/whitelisted. The verification process at each login is performed without any intervention or awareness by the user- i.e. touch-free. Unknown devices are simply rejected. Phishing or sharing of a user’s credentials is no longer effective. Every attempt to authenticate, successful or not, is recorded and accessible via the Authen Admin SDK or the Authen Admin App available for free at App Store for iPhone.






Code Input



Authen Digital® 2FA

Touch-Free Process







Two Factor

Authentication Process

Requires user interaction

No user interaction

Where can Authen Digital® be integrated?

Authen Digital® can be integrated into any apps for iOS, Android and Windows. For any other scenario, you can develop your solution using our SDKs such as browser extensions to protect websites, logins or more complex situations like VPN access (e.g. Cisco AnyConnect) or to protect server SSH access.

Authen Digital provides all the tools needed to manage user’s device authentication. Note that Authen Digital® can be installed for one user and one device or as many as needed. From an authenticated device, new devices can be inserted, removed or disabled. With Authen Digital’s Developer Tools you can build a device manager section for your users and give them the ability to manage their devices, or if you are in a situation where you need strict controls you can limit the management to administrators only.

No Tokens

Don’t need to receive SMS with Tokens, Codes or OTP.

No Dongles

Don’t need to plug USB dongles on your devices.

No Q/A

Don’t need to answer personal questions to confirm your identity.

Developers and the Cloud

If you are a developer, Authen Digital has a Developer Portal just for you! There you can find our SDKs, Documentation and Support. With your developer account you can manage and purchase Authen Digital® licenses for your projects and apps. It’s also where all Authen Digital® authentications will take place — in the cloud. You don’t need to setup your own servers to host your Authen Digital® data. You won’t need more than just your user’s username and for additional privacy, you can use a custom username identified only by your system.

To quickly start developing your own solutions or test Authen Digital®, you can obtain a free demo license once you create a new account on the Developer Portal. The account registrations are free and easy to create. Once you are logged in, you and your team will have access to downloads all the up-to-date SDKs and necessary documentation to start. The use of Authen Digital is simple and straightforward and you can easily add it into your project.

You will receive a Developer Token, after confirming your account registration, to access your account when using the Authen Admin App and a License Token for each acquired license.

** Check for more information and developer instructions on the Developer Portal.

Open Developer Portal

Download Authen Digital Admin


To easily demonstrate how it works, we have created a simple App that emulates a user account where you can enable Authen Digital 2FA to protect the account access. With Device Authentication enabled the account will only be accessible by the registered device. No tokens. No SMS. No codes. And If you try to access from any device that is not registered, the access will just be denied. This is a proof of concept of the how easily and secure Authen Digital® touch-free 2FA authentication works with no user interaction compared with normal 2FA out there today.

Download our demo app, create a demo account and once you log in, enable the Device Authentication. If you have 2 or more devices you can try to log in into the same account while Device Authentication is turned ON. The demo app was built using the same Authen Digital SDK available on Developer’s Portal.

About Us

Dava-Tech Group, Inc., is a Georgia based technology corporation organized in 2015.

Our exciting new 2FA system, developed under the protection of a U.S. patent, is touch-free and now available to all developers for inclusion into their products and services. Utilizing our patented device verification process, developers can now eliminate troublesome user interactions and the inherent user inconveniences created by those other solutions.

Our next generation touch-free technology brings together the industry truisms of "Simpler is better." and

"A product that isn't easy to use, isn't used." Dava Tech has developed a non-intrusive and

transparent procedure to solve the most problematic issues of 2FA.

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